Fusion Print UV DTF Sticker – 580 x 100 mm

$ 4.49

Artwork Specifications:

  • Size: 580 x 100 mm OR 22.8″ x 4″
  • File Format: PNG
  • Resolution: 300 DPI ONLY
  • Background: TRANSPARENT
  • Smallest Text/Design: More than 10 pixels / 0.85 mm /0.03 inch

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Estimated pickup date: 15-16 April, 2024

How It Works?

1 - Cut out a sticker

Stickers come in roll or long sheet form and you will customer a piece out for transferring / sticking

2 - Stick and Peel

Sticking it onto a hard surface like Glass, Metal or Plastic that is clean and stackable, squeeze or apply pressure around the design and Peel!

3 - Done Transferring!

The print will be transferred to the surface.

Artwork Mistakes

Common mistakes that customers should avoid

Text or Lines Are Too Thin

Keep minimum linewidth of 8-10 pixels or more

White or Colored Background

Colored background will be printed

Use Thicker and/or Larger Font Size

Some pixels are shrunk, so keep anything as thick as possible

Transparent Background

Any color you see including White will be printed, so a Transparent Background is crucial